Yearly Membership

CAKE Members have access to benefits that are exclusive only to them. From member mixers to a yearly international trip, members get preferential treatment and exclusive deals on all CAKE events. For the discounted rate of only $900 a year, members can connect with each other while being able to explore Austin’s hottest spots. This locks in your membership for an entire year at a lower rate, and yearly members don’t have to worry about regular payments!



What are the benefits:

Preferential Access:
CAKE Members get preferential access to a variety of events throughout Austin. Through our partnerships, we are able to get you discounted rates at many venues & events. CAKE Members always get first dibs at any CAKE event, & either FREE or discounted rates. You also get to vote on which events & experiences you want, and we plan based on our members' wishes.

Bus to Fun:
Every month CAKE creates a curated event involving a luxury party bus to an exciting experience around the Austin area. We do distilleries, winery tours, cultural experiences, concerts, and floats down the San Marcos River.

Members Mixer:
Every month CAKE hosts a fun opportunity for members to come together and have fun together. This can be as simple as a cultural dinner to renting a yacht and partying in style on the lake. Check out our last yacht party here.

Exercise Classes:
At no extra fee, CAKE Members have access to exclusive wellness events. This can range from fitness classes run by certified personal trainers to sound therapy. Many of the classes allow you to explore different venues & meet cool exercise groups all around Austin. On most occasions, after the wellness event we go to brunch together and continue to develop a close-knit community.

Lake Days:
During the summer months, we host boat days where we can hang out and enjoy the hot Texas weekend with good people out at the lake. We also have wake surfing sessions during week days for those wanting to learn how to wake surf or show off their sweet skills!
Whether you have never wake surfed in your life or you are ready to join the Olympic team, CAKE has a place for you!

One Custom Experience per Quarter:
Every quarter, you can use CAKE services to plan a perfect evening and discover the hottest & coolest spots in Austin. Whether it is to plan a romantic evening for your significant other or the perfect birthday for a loved one, CAKE has you covered.

Yearly Domestic Trip:
CAKE plans a yearly trip where members get to have an amazing experience outside Austin in a group setting. The United States is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From skiing in snowy mountains to indulging in exquisite wineries along the coast of California, CAKE can show its members the beauty that this country has to offer.

Yearly International Trip:
Have you wanted to explore the world, but don’t know where to start? Being a CAKE member can help you with that! CAKE plans a yearly trip to somewhere in the world, so our members won’t have to worry about the tedious planning of international travel and can just relax!

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