FAQS Austin Party Planning

CAKE’s packages are curated to ensure you visit the very best spots in town based on your group’s preferences. Rather than spending hours researching what to do, only to wait in line and discover the place you wanted has been booked up for months, leave it up to CAKE. 

We allow you to customize your trip based on your budget. Many experiences give you a few different price points, that way you can pick what’s best for you. Keep in mind we are taking you to the best spots in town, we choose our partners based on quality, not on price. Prices already include taxes & tip, so there won’t be additional costs.

Experiences involving a meal include half an appetizer, 2 drinks, and an entree per person. Most other experiences we offer include 2 drinks per person. Special experiences like the mural tour only include the transportation, the boat is just for the boat rental. Once you complete your booking, you will receive an email with a detailed itinerary within a few days.

Your group will have a pre-paid tab waiting for you at the venue. So you won’t have to worry about anything while you are enjoying your night out.

It’s ok, you can continue to enjoy your experience. Any charges exceeding the tab will be billed afterwards.

No, you can choose the ones you like. If there is an experience you do not want, you can leave it blank. Though we do recommend participating in as many experiences as you can. The more you participate in, the more fun you will have!

Send us a message! Our goal is to make sure your trip to Austin is flawless and we’ll make sure you get the experience you want.

No, you can book however many days you want, whether it is just one day or the full weekend. 

Once you make all of your selections for a day and add them to the cart, you can click “Add Another Product” on the Checkout page, select your Experience and add the new one.

If you select any Add Ons, a member of our Experience team will reach out to you and schedule your Add On when it best fits your itinerary. Each Add On is charged separately, so there won’t be any charge at the point of purchase. You may choose not to book the Add On after talking to our Experience team.