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We curate social experiences & enable personal connections... the old fashioned way


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About us party planning

CAKE curates social experiences and enables personal connections…the old fashioned way. So, what does this “old fashioned way” really mean? Well, in a world that is hyper-digitized (smartphones and screens, apps and shortcuts, virtual and distant) CAKE is the analog antidote / the organic platform / the old-school purveyor of experiences that actually bring people together. All of our experiences have a few commonalities:

– Non-virtual, meaning that our guests share the same physical space – whether that is dinner at an exclusive restaurant / private space, or live music at an iconic venue, or drinks & dancing at the VIP area of a lounge/club, or immersions in the beauty of an African safari trip, or the joys of a beautiful day on a chartered yacht on the lake.


– Curated flavors, with elements of exclusivity and unique & eclectic ingredients. We tend to get creative with our experiences…bringing in traditions, celebrations/festivities, and sensibilities from around the world and across cultures. We also have something for almost everyone. Whether you are single, or married with kids, or somewhere in between. Whether you are new to Austin, or just want to expand your social circle. Whether you are young in age or young at heart… or both.


– Convenient & seamless for our guests. We do all the planning and follow-through on the execution…so that you have a stress-free chunk of time to enjoy meaningful connections.

So, why “CAKE”? Well, besides the obvious celebratory connotations of this “royalty of desserts”, CAKE is actually an acronym:


We make your planning CONVENIENT by allowing our experts to create a custom itinerary perfect for your group, giving you ACCESS to the hottest spots by using local KNOWLEDGE of the coolest happenings in town. This results in the best EXPERIENCE possible.

To enjoy all that CAKE has to offer, we encourage you to consider becoming a MEMBER of our social community. Click here to see all of the benefits of becoming a CAKE Member.


Besides the membership program, CAKE also offers a luxury concierge service that connects you to the hottest spots and coolest happenings in town. CAKE was founded to make your social life and your event-planning easy & smooth, stress-free & memorable.


Through a custom-made approach, CAKE provides a superior experience based on your NEEDS:

N: Night Out
E: Events
E: Excursions
D: Dining
S: Services (other)

Whether you are looking for a fun weekend in Austin, the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party, a memorable corporate event, or a family getaway, CAKE has the right experience for you. Our customized services are almost limitless!

Austin Party Planning

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Custom Experiences Austin party planning

CAKE Bachelor Party


Austin has become one of the top destinations for Bachelor parties. If you are coming to the ATX, might as well do it right! Check out our custom-made Bachelor packages!
CAKE Bachelorette Party


Our Bachelorette packages are the inspiration behind CAKE. After helping multiple groups throw the perfect Bachelorette party in Austin, we decided to offer our service to all Bachelorettes that want to have a superior experience.
CAKE Austin Party Planning Celebrations


If you have a special occasion that you want to celebrate big for, this package is for you. Birthday Parties, Job Promotions, Engagement Parties, or anything that you think is worth celebrating. Whether you live in Austin or you are traveling to Austin to celebrate that special day, we got you!
CAKE Party Planning In Town for the Weekend

In Town for the Weekend

This package is for small groups that visit Austin for the weekend, and want to make the most out of their weekend and visit the best spots in town.
CAKE Family Getaway

Family Gateway

We know there’s plenty of families that visit Austin for the weekend, but also want to enjoy everything this city has to offer. If that sounds like you, check out our Family Getaway Packages!
CAKE Austin Corporate


We will create a fun and memorable experience that will boost and strengthen the relationship among all members of your company. Research shows that engaging in fun activities among employees boosts company loyalty & retention. Happy employees are far more productive than unhappy ones.

How it works

CAKE makes your event planning simple. Just select your experience, choose a package for each day you’ll be visiting, make the selections that best fit your group’s needs, and make sure to include any add-ons that would take your experience to the next level (before you check out- don’t forget to complete one for each day!). Once you have made all of your selections, simply check out to complete your reservations.

In less than 5 minutes, you will have the perfect experience planned out for you.

We only ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to make all of your reservations. Full payment is due 30 days prior to your reservation start date.

Select your experience

Select a package

Customize your package



Austin Party Planning

Me and my boys were coming in town and booked a boat with cake. They took us to the best spot to party and we had a blast! Definitely booking them again next time we come in town!
Ryan B
I lived in ATX while I was in college and was reluctant to book CAKE as I thought I knew the best spots already. The bride-to-be wanted to book so I accepted and wow! They took our experience to the next level. They took us to places I never knew existed and nothing was short of amazing. I strongly recommend booking CAKE for your bachelorette!
Emily K
So I have been to Bachelor Parties in Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Nashville, Cancun, and even Austin, among others. CAKE was strongly recommended by a close friend and they blow any other experience out of the water! No other Bachelor Party comes close to CAKE. By far the best Bachelor Party I’ve ever been in.
Adam V

FAQS Austin Party Planning

CAKE’s packages are curated to ensure you visit the very best spots in town based on your group’s preferences. Rather than spending hours researching what to do, only to wait in line and discover the place you wanted has been booked up for months, leave it up to CAKE. 

We allow you to customize your trip based on your budget. Many experiences give you a few different price points, that way you can pick what’s best for you. Keep in mind we are taking you to the best spots in town, we choose our partners based on quality, not on price. Prices already include taxes & tip, so there won’t be additional costs.

Experiences involving a meal include half an appetizer, 2 drinks, and an entree per person. Most other experiences we offer include 2 drinks per person. Special experiences like the mural tour only include the transportation, the boat is just for the boat rental. Once you complete your booking, you will receive an email with a detailed itinerary within a few days.

Your group will have a pre-paid tab waiting for you at the venue. So you won’t have to worry about anything while you are enjoying your night out.

It’s ok, you can continue to enjoy your experience. Any charges exceeding the tab will be billed afterwards.

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